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                                       Jelly Glue



Jelly Glue is designed for making high-grade gift box, hard book cover, folder and so on. Different types of glues are available to meet specific applications of end user.


All Jelly Glue has the environment protection and safety test report issued by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre. All Jelly Glue has passed RoHS.


Jelly Glue is applied to machines with glue heating device. Benefiting from lower water content, clean and environment protection, our Jelly Glue can avoid some common problems such as distortion, bubble, going moldy, unpleasant odor and so on. Meanwhile, the thickness of the pasting layer of jelly glue is only the half of normal glue’s. Now it has become the best option for making high-grade gift box and hard book cover.


圆角矩形: Specifications





Amber-colored, jelly like


No unpleasant odor

Viscosity (mpa.s)


Solid Content


圆角矩形: Jelly Glue can be used as


At present, our Jelly Glue is used in many large factories in domestic market and has been exported to over 20 factories in Southeast Asia and Middle East area. Our product can completely match up with the full-automatic / semi-automatic box making machines made in Japan, Germany or Italy. It is also applicable for China-made box making machines with heating device. On account of the remarkable quality performance, our Jelly Glue has become the standard configuration for debugging by many printing machine producers. 



Product: Jelly Glue HX502 (slow dry)

Use: For high-speed machine or manual operation

Application: It is used to make various kinds of top-grade hardcover book shells, photo albums and gift boxes. This product is applicable to the gluing machinery by Dongguan Hongming Machinery, Dongguan Liyuan machinery, Wenzhou Ruibo and Fuchu Shiko Machinery, both for machines with feeder and rubber wheel series.

Property: It smells nice and with good adhesiveness and folding flexibility; It has low water content, so that it will not cause deformation of products easily.


Product: Jelly Glue HX505 (quick dry)

Use: For high-speed machine

Application: It is used to make adhere hard cover cases and gift boxes. We have certification from Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (HKSTC) and SGS. It is used for all kinds of top-grade rubber gel hardcover book shell and the production of high-grade gift boxes. Applicable to gluing machines of 40-80 pcs/min, such as Kolbus, Smyth Freccia, Dexter and Shanghai Purple Magna Machinery.

Property: It smells nice and with good adhesiveness and folding flexibility; it has low water content, so that it will not cause deformation of products easily. It can also be used for manual operation.


Product: Jelly Glue HX503

Use: For Medium Speed Machine

Application: Industrial Adhesive (Jelly Glue) HX503 is formulated for the medium speed automatic casemakers (speed 15-30 pcs/min).


Product: Jelly Glue HX508

Use: Glue for Medium Speed Machine

Application: This type of coated optical adhesive glue adhesive material and to have very good bonding effect, is a medium with glue, adaptation and each minute 15-30 medium-speed automatic box machine or peeling machine. At present a large number of mobile phone box used for high-end cosmetics boxes and other high-end products, so that joint part no longer have openings. Particularly in the domestic or imported automatic box machine the most obvious effect.


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